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Why Hyperlinks are a Good Thing

If you’re using email as a tool to generate more business then you want to track the behavior of your email recipient. In order to do this, you need hyperlinks; not just any hyperlinks but those that tell you the specifics of what caught the recipient’s interest.

Visual of 3 chain links creatively indicating hyperlinks.Why? Because one of the most powerful aspects of email is the ability to track and record information. Information makes your marketing efforts more powerful.

  • Was the email opened? If so, then this indicates an interest in the overall subject.
  • Did the recipient click any links inside the email?  This would indicate an interest in a topic.
  • Did they click on a link that took them to your website? This shows an interest in what you have to offer.
  • Can you associate that connection to an inquiry or an order?

That all sounds great, but how do I actually collect all that data?

Here’s the best part! The email marketing systems we use automatically accumulate the information for you. After you’ve deployed your email, the statistics are gathered: the number and percentage of people opening your email and those who click on a particular link. Who they are; the date and time of day they took action; where they were geographically, and; when they did so. You will have complete access to this information online. Not only that, you will be able to see this data accumulating in real time.

Now armed with this insightful and pertinent information,  you can tailor both your sales and your marketing strategy based on the activity surrounding your hyperlinks. Market your products or services to those people who have taken a particular action. Your follow-up will be even more effective because you are armed with effective, insider information. You know where their interest lies.

Email is one of the greatest marketing tactics ever invented, but it’s important to have a strategy.  Once you develop good hyperlinks, you turn this amazing tool into a vehicle that sells your products and services intelligently.

Let us help you develop that strategy!

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