Maximize Your Trade Show Impact: Booth Design and Lead Tactics

Maximize Your Trade Show Impact: Booth Design and Lead Tactics

By Julian Aston / April 16, 2024 / 0 Comments

In today’s competitive landscape, standing out at trade shows is crucial for business owners looking to catapult their brand into the industry spotlight, forge meaningful connections, and drive their business forward. These events offer a unique platform to showcase your products or services, engage directly with your target audience, and tap into new opportunities and […]

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The Value of Trade Shows in Today’s Business Landscape

The Value of Trade Shows in Today’s Business Landscape

By Julian Aston / April 9, 2024 / 0 Comments

In an era where digital marketing reigns supreme, the tangible, interpersonal experiences offered at trade shows have become even more precious. Trade shows serve as a confluence of innovation, networking, and opportunity, making them an indispensable tool for business growth. By participating in trade shows, businesses can showcase their strengths, gauge the competition, and forge […]

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Mastering digital marketing metrics and elevating your business using KPI tracking is essential to your online success.

Mastering the Art of KPI Tracking

By Julian Aston / February 22, 2024 / 0 Comments

Elevating Your Digital Presence Navigating the complex world of digital marketing metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is crucial for business owners seeking to optimize their online presence and drive growth. This article, “Mastering the Art of KPI Tracking,” strips away the complexity, offering a clear and straightforward approach to understanding and leveraging these critical […]

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Photo of various insights that Google can provide you with to maximize your website success.

Maximizing Website Success with Google Analytics

By Julian Aston / February 12, 2024 / 0 Comments

In the marketing game, the key to staying ahead is understanding your audience’s online behavior. This insight is not just for tech whizzes; it’s a game-changer for every savvy business leader. We wrote this article, “Maximizing Website Success with Google Analytics,” to navigate you through this. It’s about turning data into strategy, ensuring your website […]

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Master Email Analytics and Customer Profiles to drive growth for your small business. Learn, apply, and prosper today!

Boosting Business with Email Analytics and Profiles

By Julian Aston / January 25, 2024 / 0 Comments

For business owners, understanding and engaging with your customer base is more crucial than ever. Email Analytics and Customer Profiles are more than tools. They unlock insights into behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns of customers. These insights are pivotal for crafting targeted, effective communication strategies that drive higher engagement, conversion rates, and ultimately, business growth. […]

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Photo of someone navigating their email inbox on their Ipad.

Why Email Marketing is Essential in 2024

By Julian Aston / January 16, 2024 / 0 Comments

Email marketing continues to stand out as a fundamental and cost-effective tool in 2024. This article, “Why Email Marketing is Essential in 2024,” explores the ongoing relevance of email marketing. It offers insights on how business professionals can effectively leverage it in the current year and beyond. The Diverse Advantages of Email Marketing  Email marketing […]

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Mastering SEO: Enhancing Your Business’s Visibility with Proven Strategies

By Julian Aston / August 12, 2023 / 0 Comments

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of enhancing a website’s visibility in a search engine’s organic (unpaid) results. The goal is to draw more traffic to a site by making it appear high on the list of results returned by a search engine. It’s crucial for increasing visibility, gaining credibility, and understanding user behavior. […]

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Graphic featuring multiple marketing icons indicates Mastering Strategic Marketing Tactics to drive business growth

Driving Business Growth: Mastering Strategic Marketing Tactics

By Julian Aston / June 27, 2023 / 0 Comments

Strategic marketing for small businesses involves the planning and implementation of marketing tactics in a way that aligns with the business’s overall goals, maximizes its resources, and provides it with a competitive edge in its industry. It’s about being intentional, proactive, and customer-focused in all marketing decisions and activities. Here’s a breakdown of some key […]

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A collage of many denominations of US dollar bills to indicate customer lifetime value

Maximizing Profit: The Importance of Customer Lifetime Value

By Julian Aston / May 29, 2023 / 0 Comments

Navigating the world of business profits can often seem like a complex maze. How can you effectively increase profits without sacrificing the quality of your offerings or straining your resources? The key lies in a concept that’s often overlooked – Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). This principle takes you beyond the transactional view of customer relationships […]

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Computer screen image connotes how Content Marketing Improves Your Search Ranking

Content Marketing Improves Your Search Ranking

By Julian Aston / May 9, 2023 / 0 Comments

In our last blog post entitled “Content Marketing for SMBs: Turbocharge Your Growth” we introduced you to the importance of content marketing. Now we’re following up with an article focused on presenting the top benefits of content marketing to show you how they can transform your business and increase your search ranking, with an emphasis […]

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Conference room full of team of millennials observing the presenter

Content Marketing for SMBs: Turbocharge Your Growth

By Julian Aston / March 27, 2023 / 0 Comments

If you’re a small to medium-sized business owner looking to boost your brand’s visibility, foster customer loyalty, and drive sales, content marketing for SMBs is the key to unlocking your business’s full potential. As a seasoned content marketing consultant, I’ve witnessed firsthand how a strategically implemented content marketing strategy can transform businesses and propel them […]

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Vertical Marketing: Are You Ready To Take the Plunge?

By Julian Aston / November 10, 2022 / 2 Comments

What exactly is Vertical Marketing?  Visualize your marketing model as the root system beneath a tree. The trunk is the broad category of your industry, which then gets subdivided into narrower branches. These branches might be your specific services or product categories. For each branch, you have an ideal customer. Vertical marketing targets these smaller […]

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Social Posting: How Much Is Too Much?

By Julian Aston / May 22, 2022 / 0 Comments

There’s no easy answer to this question as the solution is different for every marketer. What is the composition of your target audience? If it skews to millennials, the answer is more often than if your target is skewed older. Is yours the type of product or service that needs to post more often? I […]

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Why Is A Review About Your Business So Important?

By Julian Aston / April 7, 2022 / 0 Comments

When was the last time you didn’t take a positive or negative comment into account before clicking the shopping cart button or making a purchase of any kind? You’re not alone…93% of consumers say online reviews impact purchase decisions. Not only that, 63% of consumers are willing to pay up to 15% more for a […]

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How to Retain and Recruit Employees in 2022

By Julian Aston / March 11, 2022 / 0 Comments

The New Year is in full swing and entrepreneurs, business owners and strategists, are all looking to level up their goals, but it’s a struggle without the support of a solid team of employees. Work-life balance, flexible scheduling and company culture are cited as the top reasons people left their employment and/or changed their careers […]

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Account Rounding: The Best Growth Strategy For Your Agency?

By Julian Aston / November 1, 2021 / 0 Comments

According to a Deloitte study, 60% of insurance consumers feel like their insurance agents don’t offer any value after the initial policy purchase. …but the average Independent Agency writes only 1.3 policies per client. On average, single-policy accounts stay with an agency for only three years. …but change that to two policies and they stick […]

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How do you create great content?

By Julian Aston / August 11, 2021 / 0 Comments

The word “valuable” best describes good content. Is your reader deriving benefit from your content? Look, there is so much content out there today delivered in so many forms, digital and otherwise, that your content just has to excel. And if you’re wondering about the type of content that will interest your readers, ask them! […]

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insurance company sign

Account Rounding Increases Insurance Revenues

By Julian Aston / August 7, 2021 / 5 Comments

When it comes to increasing insurance revenues, make sure you pick the “lowest hanging fruit” first.  The perfect opportunity exists to cross-sell or up-sell your present customers. All you need to do is implement a tactic called account rounding. What is account rounding? It’s one of the most effective, but underutilized sales and marketing tactics […]

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Account Rounding: 5 Necessary Ingredients

By Julian Aston / August 7, 2021 / 1 Comment

Last year I wrote about the importance of Account Rounding to increase insurance revenues. Since then we have continued to refine the idea of account rounding and we’ve learned valuable information regarding how you can best use account rounding to help build your book of business.  To help you understand how this tactic can work […]

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ca large number of customers determines customer lifetime value

How Important Is It To Retain a Customer? Calculate Their Value.

By Julian Aston / April 8, 2021 / 9 Comments

How much is a single customer worth to you? Is retention as important as generating new leads? To answer these questions you need to consider the lifetime value of your clients. To determine Customer Lifetime Value means to calculate how much profit you can expect from a single client over their lifetime. Granted, there is […]

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