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Headshot of Julian Aston, President of intouch
Dear Valued Customer,

intouch has been in the email marketing business since 2006. In fact, email was the tactic our agency was originally founded upon. Fifteen years later, while we have greatly expanded the list of tactics we provide, email is still a fundamental focus. In fact, in the last few years we have deployed millions of emails on behalf of our clients.

You could say we’re email experts...and with that in mind, this month's eNewsletter is focused solely on email marketing. The importance of sending welcome emails to new clients, using an email series to respond to sales inquiries, and more. I have also devoted some time to the all important need of improving your email open rate.

So read on and I hope these articles, and this topic provides some food for thought!

Yours intouch,

Julian Aston

First Impressions Count So Make Them Profitable

LCIS Welcome Series
How? Send welcome emails!

So here’s the thing: Open rates for welcome emails are, on average, 50%. This means that compared to standard email, they are 86% more effective.

Why take advantage of this situation?
  1. Based on historic open rates, you know that your new customer is most receptive to reading and digesting your messaging at the very beginning of your relationship.
  2. While you have their maximum attention, upselling/cross-selling across your line would be most advantageous.
  3. Make sure your new customer feels welcomed and comfortable in your setting. The more comfortable you make their stay, the longer they’ll stay around. Read more...

How Can You Improve Your Email Open Rate?


4 proven techniques to sky-rocket your email open rate

Email open rates vary greatly for many different reasons, but most important the open rate is most impacted when the recipient of your email believes there is VALUE in the message you have sent. That ‘value’ is represented in four ways: Read more...

Utilizing Email As The Primary Tool To Help Automate Conversion

Naturally, conversion will require the involvement of your salesforce and a combination of marketing and sales techniques. This article focuses on how making email your primary marketing tool will help you automate this task. Here are two examples: Read more...