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Dear Valued Customer,

Could you double, even triple your revenues this year? Some of my clients have done exactly that through strategic planning and ongoing management of the plan. Read on for my article The Importance of Management Teams.”

I’m also sharing access to The 2018-2019 State of Digital Transformation report by Brian Solis, noted analyst and futurist. The stated aim of the research is to capture the shifts and trends that are shaping modern digital transformation. Read on...

Finally, how do you eliminate the dreaded “cold-call?” By getting the prospect more prepared for a conversation through data-driven marketing. Read my article “Data-Driven Marketing - Eliminating the "Cold Call," for more on this important topic.

Let me know if something resonates and how we can collaborate to grow your business.

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Julian Aston

The Importance of Management Teams

Marketing Team
For some forty years, I have been involved in strategic planning both for my clients, and my own successful companies. It has been extremely exciting to see the results of my approach - some clients have doubled, even tripled their businesses, within as short a time frame as one year! Not only that, they have maintained an exciting pace of …

The 2018-2019 State Of Digital Transformation

State of Digital Transformation
I’m proud to announce the availability of The 2018-2019 State of Digital Transformation report.
Now in its fifth year, our annual “State of Digital Transformation” research continues to document the constantly evolving enterprise. As disruptive technologies and their impact on organizations and markets continue to progress, our research aims to capture the shifts and trends that are shaping modern digital transformation. Read More...

Data-Driven Marketing - Eliminating the "Cold Call"

Data-driven marketing includes strategies built around the analysis of data points that are collected through client engagement. This analysis forms predictions about the client's future behavior and extrapolates the ideal point of reception.
Two things must occur for data-driven marketing to succeed:
  • You must collect the data needed for analysis.
  • There must be a marketer who understands the data and can organize, analyze, and develop a plan for capitalizing on it.
Here are some mind-boggling facts regarding how data-driven marketing is being used in the corporate world.