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Before determining the elements of your marketing mix, you must first determine how you will position your product or service. Without doing this first, it’s impossible to complete the process properly. Read on for my article “The 5th “P” of marketing - and the most important?”

Everyone seems to be talking about blockchain technology, least of all the marketing
industry which foresees How Blockchain is Boosting Transparency and Engagement in Consumer Research…go here to read this interesting article from the American Marketing Association.

Last, but not least, please read my post entitled “What is your target audience and who are your primary customers?” Like positioning, this is an imperative exercise you must undertake before conducting any marketing campaigns that will otherwise reach an unknown audience of anyone, anywhere.

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The 5th “P” of marketing - and the most important?

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Everyone who took 'Marketing 101' learned about the 4 “P’s” of marketing:
  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Physical distribution
  4. Promotion
But since you attended college, a fifth “P” has been added signifying “Positioning”...and it should take a leading place when developing your marketing strategy prior to working through price, physical distribution and promotion. After all, how can you determine the price, your channels of distribution and the way in which you promote your brand, until you have determined how you need to position your product or service?

How Blockchain is Boosting Transparency and Engagement in Consumer Research

Follow these steps to ensure your surveys meet a high standard and see bolstered user engagement. Those in the marketing research industry are in a unique position to gain an intimate understanding of consumers, their behaviors and opinions. Developing trust with survey research participants, through transparency and accountability, is key to the future success of this industry. One way to accomplish this is through the use of blockchain and crypto-technologies.

What is your target audience and who are your primary customers?

It's imperative that you identify the target audience for your product or service in order that your message reaches those most qualified. Naturally, you need to reach them with the right message and/or offer in order to drive demand, but that's another subject altogether.

Assuming you either have customer data to analyze, or have performed the type of market research necessary to glean the right conclusions, you already know your target audience. But to ensure you drive in qualified leads from within that broad target audience, you first need to draw accurate customer profiles (aka personas) of the lead type you require.