“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” makes no sense right now.

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” is a statement that makes no sense right now.

While “how you say it” will always be important, it is absolutely imperative that “what you say” is relevant, important and non frivolous at this time. Otherwise, you risk the recipient of your messaging ignoring and deleting your messaging not just right now, but permanently!

Look, via email or by social means, we’re a company that deploys both important and what would normally be considered “relevant information” on a daily basis. But I emphasize the use of the word “normally,” because during this unprecedented time of mass isolation, normal messaging coming at you from any media is going to be looked at in an entirely different way. 

After all…

Do I really care about someone who is launching a new product or product enhancement?

Do I want to know whether or not you were promoted, won an award in your business category, or what your clients are saying about you? 

Do I give a damn whether your detergent washes whiter or makes my clothes smell nicer right now?

On the other hand…

I do want to learn how to best protect myself and my family from the effects of a virus.

I do want to learn how to save personal or corporate taxes because I am watching my budget very cautiously at this time..

I do want to learn how I can improve my remote working skills.

I do want to know whether I can get money back from a trip I booked some time ago.

And a host of other ‘want to knows…’

So, while I firmly believe that staying in touch is a necessary element to maintaining your book of business, you need to message appropriately….not in ways that directly relate to selling your products or services, but rather, in ways that are helpful to your customers lives right at this moment.

Although content will be a moving target for many weeks to come, here are some themes we believe are more appropriate right now:

  • How a Recession Affects Return to Work by Injured Workers
  • Treasury and IRS Issue Guidance on Deferring Tax Payments Due to COVID-19 Outbreak
  • Cruel Paradox: Beating Virus Means U.S. Recession
  • Health Insurance: Premium payments, grace periods & termination
  • Working remotely: How to make it work
  • What if I don’t renew my policy?
  • How to self-isolate in a shared house
  • What if I’m late paying my policy? Can I get a payment extension?
  • Is your business considered essential?
  • Why am I paying for my car insurance when I’m not driving anywhere?
  • Resources to help you manage your business through a time of uncertainty
  • What do I need property liability insurance for when my office is closed down?
  • Do I need any special insurance to cover my employees who are working remotely?
  • Can the Internet handle the increased traffic that inevitably will happen at this time?
  • If my workers aren’t active at this time, can I get a break on my Workers’ Comp costs?
  • What does my business interruption insurance cover?
  • How does my coverage work if I have more than one business interruption insurance policy?
  • I do not have any policy that says it is a business interruption policy – is it possible that I have coverage under another type of policy?
  • I have a policy that is called a contingent business interruption insurance policy – how is that different from a regular business interruption insurance policy?
  • How does my business interruption insurance policy treat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)?If I do not have an existing business insurance policy that covers COVID-19, can I buy one?
  • Does my business interruption insurance policy cover me if my employees stay home out of concern about COVID-19?
  • Does the Governor’s declaration of a State of Emergency affect my business interruption insurance policy?
  • Who can help me understand my business interruption insurance?
  • Temporarily closing a facility or downsizing operation
  • Help to keep the kids learning while they’re at home
  • Cleaning & Disinfection Safety

Take care of yourself and your family.

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