eNewsletters Are Top Email Messages

Blue_Hornet_Graph ENewslettersThe blur of communications has progressed from letters and emails to texts, tweets, and Instagram pictures. Not only does email remain the communication tool of business, 68% of marketers say eNewsletters are the top email messages which help achieve their business goals.*

It’s The Classic Form Of Remaining
“Under The Radar”

Rules come into play. Consider this.  Your recipient wants relevant content and they favor an image-intensive presentation. The content needs to be summarized into bite-sized pieces. This caters to their time availability and short attention span.

While changes in communication must be addressed, there remain some marketing fundamentals:

In short, your company needs eNewsletters AND marketing specialists.

We know this because we deploy millions of eNewsletters for all types of industries. Our team is made up of acknowledged email marketing experts.

We Can Help Develop Your eNewsletters

Let’s sit down and answer a few key questions. Once we’ve done that, we can help you put together eNewsletters. We can also put together a complete email marketing program.

  • What are the key reasons people open an email?
  • What are the average open rates and the subsequent click-through rates?
  • How can you build and maintain your mailing lists?
  • What is the best day and time to deploy your emails?
  • Who has the time and know-how to write and edit your eNewsletter?
  • How can we re-use content written for your blog in your eNewsletter?
  • How can we re-market your eNewsletters using your social accounts, email signature, website, and more?

eNewsletters are a vital tool in your marketing mix, but these questions and more are why you need professionals like us to help you do it.

Contact Us and let us show you how we can help.


*2013 DMA National Client Email Report.

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