What’s old is new again…

A spirited discussion during a networking session this morning helped me realize, once again, the importance of email…and yes, the ‘front-end’ emails like eNewsletters, promotional messaging, welcome and referral emails are all key, but today, more than ever, ‘back-end’ emails are equally as important. 

What are ‘back-end’ emails? They could be considered follow up emails, including drip campaigns sent as follow-ups to a conversation with a prospect, or to drip a continued message and stay in touch with a candidate for a job. It may also be a series of drip emails explaining a complex training topic that is best put across in short bursts, and, most certainly back-end emails that remind the customer of a forthcoming expiry date, and so on. By now you should get the idea.

How does email continue to help the small to mid-sized business? First, email as a tool is an undisputed way to reach your customer or prospect. According to leading email provider, Campaign Monitor, email marketing remains the king of the marketing kingdom with a 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent.

And, for those businesses that do not use a sophisticated CRM system or a CRM system that includes a robust email function, using email from a standalone email account is the way to go. If you chose us to perform the work for you, we would typically integrate a website landing page on your website in sync with our email system, to provide you and your team with an online entry method (on your website), that triggers the email to which it synchronizes.

Look, email is definitely our bias, however, no question, it’s here for an indefinite period, so incorporating it as a tactic in your marketing mix may indeed, be making what’s old new again, but it’s also using the incredible power and affordability of email to keep your business in constant touch with all your constituents.

Julian Aston